Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

freelance writing jobs for beginnersFreelance writing jobs for beginners

If freelance writing jobs for beginners is a topic of interest to you, then this article and is directed toward you. If you really like to research topics and write compelling articles with great content you’ll love this job. There are literally thousands of writing opportunities available for those who want to become a freelance writer to pursue.[private]

As a beginner, the length of time to get started and become successful can be difficult journey unless you know just how to go about it. This article will provide you with professional shortcuts to get you on your way to success.

Opportunities for both full-time and part-time freelance writers can provide either a full-time income or a comfortable second income. If you’re still employed, you can start a little slower and build your income until it replaces your current salary. In either case, you will be a small business operating as an independent contractor. Most people pursue freelance writing jobs from from home and enjoy some added tax benefits from having a home office.

Sometimes becoming a regular freelance writer isn’t as much fun in the beginning, but after you get properly set-up and get a few writing assignments behind you, you’ll see that it’s fun and rewarding. You’ll be glad you put forth the effort.

What to write about

You might initially think there wouldn’t be freelance writing jobs for beginners, but that is certainly not the case. There are so many topics that are in need of high quality content, that with the proper guidance you’ll be able to zero in on topics for which you have interest and passion.

You might consider writing about your hobbies, aspects of your professional working career or other topics of interest. Generally freelance writers are either generalists who are willing and able to write on a broad array of topics or specialists who pursue one field/topic area and are experts themselves in this subject matter. Opportunities exist for both. Part of the information we are going to direct you towards will help you make that determination.

How to find writing projects open for freelance writers

As a beginner there are two key challenges.

One of the biggest challenges is knowing how to develop a portfolio of writing that can be provided to a prospective client who is looking for freelance writing done from home. There are also part time writing jobs that are available and often freelance writers start there and grow their business into full time.

Here at FlexJobs is a great link to find genuine freelance writing jobs for beginners and pros. Every job has been verified by a trusted human expert.

Your portfolio will usually consist of short snippets of articles you’ve written to show your expertise as a write. Don’t worry, as a beginner you’ll discover just how to put together a winning portfolio if you follow the links in this article to professional advice.

The second challenge is knowing where to advertise your writing services and how to properly advertise them.

When you join the ranks of the freelance writers you will have to seek out new projects and then beat the competition in order to win the business. Becoming a freelance writer is a competitive business, but don’t let that stop you. There is a very fertile market for good freelance writers and we’re going to show you how to get started by following the advice of experts who are willing to help you get started on the right foot.

You’ll become a freelance juggler

You’ll need to be able to not only manage the marketing of your services, but juggle the other aspects of self-employment which includes scheduling your professional and personal life around your freelance assignments. And don’t forget that you must allow time not only for your marketing and your writing, you’ll have to deal with issues like quarterly taxes, business accounting matters as well.

This will require having all the right writing tools and software, and scheduling methods in place so that when you are actively engaged on a project, you still have some active marketing in place that allows you to line up new work. Freelance work is found in a variety of places, and finding all the best places to pursue new writing assignments can be daunting. That is why you should invest a modest some of money to learn from the pros. They will be able to provide you with directories full of possible new writing projects. Some sources are free, other require a modest investment, but then again this is a business and every business has operating expenses.

What skills does the freelancer need

It’s obvious that you must have an eye for detail as well as be able to write using good grammar. Your busy clients will not continue to use your writing services if they see lots of grammatical errors. However, most writing assignments do not call for advanced, highly sophisticated writing. If you can write simpler, to-the-point material that is what the market craves.

Blog Writing is one example of opportunities for freelancers

Blogs are almost always about a specific topic and articles posted will have something to do with that subject. Owners of successful blogs are very busy people who themselves are often accomplished writers.

However, as their blog grows, they need more and more fresh ideas and materials. This requires the ability to conduct research before beginning to write. These busy blog owners need help with the research, then the subsequent writing of new articles. It can often take anywhere from 90 minutes to over 3 hours to research and write a reasonable length blog post.

When you develop a solid relationship with one or more blog owners and strike a deal to help them write for their blog, some writers I’ve studied say they write between 6 and 7 blog posts a week for one client and a similar amount for another client. Once they know how to do that, it will usually take them about 10 hours of time per week.

The freedom enjoyed as a freelancer blogger

If you love your freedom and the ability to schedule your workday, then you’re going to love becoming a freelance writer. Not only do you have the freedom of schedule, you’ll have the freedom of being able to do your writing from any place. So this means you can write first thing in the morning, or if you’re a night person, late at night…or anytime in between. And, you can do it while traveling.

Picture yourself at poolside in a nice resort, writing away for your clients.

How to get started as a freelance writer online

The best advice is to learn from those who have already traveled the road to freelance writing success. Based on my research the best place to start is with Real Writing Let these professionals show you how to:

  • Get paid for writing articles and stories
  • Edit and improve books, ebooks, magazines and movie scripts
  • Get cash for writing blog posts

Remember you can:

  • Work From Home
  • Set Your Own Hours
  • Work Directly Online
  • Earn An Excellent Income
  • Pick Topics To Write About
  • View New Jobs Everyday

There are plenty of high-quality freelance writing jobs for beginners if you work with pros who are willing to help you get started and succeed.[/private]

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